Audio Mixer


Digital audio mixer for live concerts
Digital audio mixer Soundcraft SI with 16 or 24 faders.
The digital console allow to have in only one device and for all the channels, the dynamic controls usually external, such as gate, compressors, equalizers delay and voice effects.


Audio mixer for meetings and conventions
Digital audio mixer Soundcraft S with 16 or 24 faders.
During the meetings and conventions it is very important the speech intelligibility. The digital audio mixers are the right solution, in only one device they have all the dynamic controls, necessary tools for a quality sound.


Audio mixer for conferences
Soundcraft Ui series digital mixers WI-FI remote controlled via Tablet/Smartphone/PC.
Possibility to record or play directly from a usb device.
Suitable for small conferences when it is required a good audio quality.


Audio mixer for small events
Allen & Heat series Zed right mixers for small events when it is required a good audio quality.
Mixer completed with USB input, it is so possible to connect directly the computers.


Digital audio stagebox
Digital stagebox uses only one cat5 network cable to transport the audio signal.