Audio System


Line array
Audio system Line Array RCF TTL33-A.
TTL33-A provides the best performances obtainable by a three-way Line Array system.
The incredible high output and dynamics, the extreme accuracy and high frequency extension plus the compact size makes the TTL33-A the right tool for outdoor sound reinforcement, live performances and events.
The system can be assembled stacked or hanged thanks to its hardware.
The system is completed with subwoofer TTS18-A and TTS28-A.


Audio system for gala dinners
Audio system Bose L1 Model II with bass module B2. Thanks to its elegant and slight shape and to its audio characteristics, it is the excellence audio speakers for gala dinners. The audio system produces a wide and uniform audio coverage of about 180 degrees with a fall of the volume and dinamic extremely limited. The high performance bass module B2 offers a higher output at low frequencies when powerful bass are required for bigger rooms.


Audio system for DJ
Audio system Mackie is composed by SRM450 speakers and subwoofer SWA1501.
It is the right audio system for compact dj set, powerful and with deep bass.


Audio system for wedding
Small and elegant audio speakers, white-coloured suitable for background music during wedding parties.


Audio system for meetings and conventions
Speakers Mayer Sound UPA series are a reference in the audio system.
It surprised with its high power in such a small dimensions audio system.
Thanks to its 3” tweeter it has a big definition and speech intelligibility, which allows the system to be suitable for meeting and conventions.


Audio system for small spaces
Audio speakers DB Technologies L160, small and powerful, are used for audio system in small spaces and showrooms.
The speakers can be mounted on stand, on wall and on floor, in vertical or horizontal position.