It is the most used and strong platform offered by the market.
The modular platform can be used indoor or outdoor to create stages, catwalks and tiers for events, fashion show, concerts and performances.
The platform can be assembled very quickly thanks to its rapid fixing system of the legs; in 30 minutes a 6×8 stage is ready to be used.
The basic modules can have a size of 2×1 and 1×1 mt, placing and fixing them with hooks jaw it is possible to obtain a stage or catwalk of any size and shape.
The platform has a capacity of 750 Kg/m2 as required by current standards.
The floor is in laminated plywood covered with brown phenolic film slip, which makes the platform water – repellent and fireproof in class 1.
Different types of legs are available: fixed legs height 20, 30 and 40 cm, telescopic legs height 60/100, 100/140, and 150/190 cm.
The platforms have an aluminium frame with a multifunctional channel designed to fix all the accessories such as stairs and guard rail.
Over 80 cm. of height, the platform must be assembled according to law with guard rail. Two kind of modular guardrail with different dimensions are available: 200×90 cm and 100×90 cm, which can be fixed quickly to the aluminium frame.
Stairs are always supplied; modular steps of 100X30 cm with height 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 cm.
The platform can be covered with carpet or dance mat.
The platform is supplied with the following documentation: static calculation of the structure and fire resistance certification of the floor.
At the end of the assembly we provide the document of correct installation; the certificate of correct assembly by a engineer is provided only on request and we charges the cost.

Technical characteristics:
Frame: aluminium with a channel to fix all the accessories
Floor: laminated plywood covered with brown phenolic film slip, thickness 22 mm
Module dimensions: 200×100 cm or 100×100 cm height, without legs 95 cm Capacity: 750 gr/m2
Fire-reaction class: class 1
Fixed leg: 20, 30 and 40 cm
Telescopic leg: 60/100, 100/140 and 150/190 cm
Weight: module 2×1 42 kg, module 1×1 20 kg.